Friday, October 19, 2007

Almost done

I can hardly believe it, but our home is almost finished. I stood inside for a long time this morning, and I absolutley love it. Maybe it was the smell of fresh paint, or maybe it was the cool fall breeze coming thru the open windows (finally!) or maybe it is because the Lord is preparing my heart to set up camp there for a long time. I want to post pictures, but I think I will wait until it is all done - for the most dramatic effect of course.
There is a diner at the end of my street, within walking distance, and Bryan and I ate lunch there today - the chicken fingers were great and (heaven help me) they have doughnuts in the mornings along with coffee with french vanilla creamer. I told BK that I would have to be careful or I might just put on a few pounds, and his response was, "Now you know what's happened to me!"
While we were eating, a lady from our neighborhood held Levi the entire time we ate and he just smiled and giggled and cooed. I am still convinced that the best thing you can do to break the ice in a new community of people is to have a baby... He is definately the most popular person in our family these days!
Please pray for us as move in day draws near and I promise to post pictures again soon.


Melissa said...

Love your blog and your website and was thrilled to hear from you! Ya'll have an amazing ministry going and it's so encouraging to read about your lives and your call and that you got robbed too! I'm putting you on my favorite sites! I look forward to reading more about Common Ground Montgomery.

TaraKy said...

I know you are so excited. Funny as I was reading this blog, I chuckled as I read the french vanilla creamer...this is my all time favorite cream. Congrats on the progress. I can't wait to see the pictures. Hang in there, it is almost over.