Friday, June 13, 2008

A Summer Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of Yours Truly

I thought a few of you may appreciate what a typical summer day for me looks like these days. Although many days are not this dramatic, most of them are!! I think I will go hour by hour to give you a little glimpse into my life.

6:30 am – What is that noise? Oh no. It’s the baby. I really should put up the block-out shades in his room! A bottle for him in bed buys me a few minutes to read my daily reading from my One Year Bible. Of course I am wishing I was already on my second cup of coffee with hours of prayer behind me. Oh well. Time to get this day started.

7:00 am – Breakfast for all my precious boys, and finally a cup of coffee and bowl of cereal for me!

7:30 am – Doorbell. A little boy is here hoping that coach won’t forget to pick him up for their day-camp today. Don’t worry, they don’t leave until about 10:30. Ok. He’ll be back!

8:00 am – you all know the drill… have kids make beds, clean kitchen, spank a child for fighting, laundry, get baby out of the light socket, get everyone dressed, spank a child for not obeying the first time, wipe down the bathrooms, put child in time out for anger…

9:00 am – I am already exhausted. Time for Levi’s nap, thank goodness!

10:00 am - The doorbell has been ringing consistently now through out the morning. All 30 of the boys who participate in the day-camp will gather at my home until all have been picked up. They love the computer and playroom. I see some of them eating a bag of chips or a handful of “chewies” (candy) and I wonder if that is their breakfast.

11:00 am – By this time Bryan and Kevin have taken everyone in the ministry van and my or Nicole’s minivan for a day of fun, food and bible study. They have been swimming, golfing, skating, bowling and so much more!! What a wonderful experience for these kids.

11:30 am – Baby Levi is ready for lunch and so am I! On an ideal day, Nicole and Kaiya have made their way down here to “chill at the crib” with me and my boys. Oh how I love those days! My doorbell may also ring because one of the little girls in the neighborhood is bored. I can’t wait until we start our own little 2 day/week camp for these precious girls. It is so sweet to see Kaiya befriend these girls and to watch them begin to learn from Nicole what it means to be obedient and respectful and not manipulate to get what they want. Absolutely precious.

1:00 pm – After spending the last couple of hours being housekeeper, disciplinarian, judge, and secretary it is finally time for rest time!!!

1:15 pm – all kids are finally down and Nicole and I are able to start talking through the bible study we are starting next week for the teenage girls we have built relationships with.

1:20 pm – Doorbell. The man down the street wants to know if he can fill up his water bottle since he doesn’t have utilities. Of course. No question. It is a direct command from Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to live here. The lessons I am learning are so simple and yet so deep.

2:00 pm – Finally a time to read, and perhaps to shower!

3:00 pm – Everyone up from naps!! The Party Starts once again!!! See the entry from 8 am for details.

4:00 pm – Kevin and Bryan have dropped everyone off at their houses, but within 30 minutes a handful will have walked all the way back over to play basketball outside or hang out in our cool home. The teenagers are all home from Job Corp and have decided they need to check their MySpace account – guess where?? Nicole and I put a big pot of gumbo on the stove because Kevin and Bryan are supposed to have bible study with the teenage guys tonight.

4:30 pm – A HUGE thunderstorm hits. It is hailing and so a group of about 4 more kids run in the house because they had gotten caught in the storm. (So much for my swept floor –ha ha!!)

4:45 pm – Power goes out! Guess we won’t be having Gumbo.

5:00 pm – Conversation with the teenagers about why it’s wrong to call the power company and tell them Levi is on a breathing machine and needs his oxygen just to make them come faster to fix our power lines. That would be a lie. No, really, please don’t call them!

6-8 pm – Bryan and Kevin are outside after the storm surveying the damage and enjoying the hangout time since no one has power. Everyone is outside and the air is relatively cool. Ethan is dressed in his Power Ranger suit and having the time of his life in the muddy yard with Kaiya and many other kids. Bryce is playing basketball with the older kids. Levi is being held by the grandmother across the street who simply adores him.

Nicole and I just take it all in and can’t believe we have the privilege of living here.

I guess we’ll be ordering Pizza. Then going to pick it up - since they won't deliver to my neighborhood after 5. :)

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These Three Kings said...

ok..why was I getting overwhelmed reading this, when I was there the whole time this happened! LOL!!! The Lord clearly loves us to allwo us to have days like this! Praise GOD!

Kristin said...

You wore me out, girl! Have you caught your breath yet?

I think you're great, Delta... You've always got such a good attitude and perspective, and it rubs off on me when I read your blog. I love that you love where the Lord has you... Sounds like it's a perfect fit. Thanks for sharing all of that!

Kristin said...

P.S. Just the other day I was remembering being with you at SBP shortly after you found out you were pregnant with Bryce... We curled up on one of our beds at the Spyglass and watched some Sesame Street and giggled about all that was to come. Remember watching Baby Bear?

annieck said...

WOW! Your post made me laugh AND cry. Oh where to begin? I can totally relate to your time with your boys. We have lots of spankings because of failure to comply with first time obedience. Sometimes I feel like that's all we do! :) One day, they will get it, right? ;)
On behalf of all those kids and families I don't even know, I THANK YOU and Nicole's family for all that you are doing for Christ and His Kingdom. I don't know many people who could handle what you handle with such grace, gratitude, and joy. All I can say is WOW. Your posts never fail to convict and inspire me to do more to share Christ's love, to show others His light. Thank you for that. AND thank you, Jesus, for people like Delta, Nicole, and their families.
I pray blessings and favor for you and your families. I pray that you will continue to make an impact in your neighborhood and around the world.

Amy said...

i am encouraged delta!! Whatever you do for the least of these you do for me!!! You are directly serving our King!!

The Hodges Family said...

I'm so encouraged by you and Nicole. I just want to fly to where you all are and take part in the fun. But, I trust we'll be doing something like that soon. Until then, I'll keep reading what God is doing with you all. LOL


Sarah Bruner said...

this was absolutely fantastic, every second!!!

Shaunta' said...

Whew!! I'm tired just reading all of that. I love your attitude in all of this. You and Nic are such a blessing to me. Thx for letting me join in the fun! Love you dearly!

Jill Williamson said...

ha ha ha ha...I am smiling. God has always given you and Bk the grace to have people in your home. I know it'so hard to let those floors get dirty...ehhhh
I know that glass of wine sometimes is so sweet huh?
Oh, what God is allowing you to give can't spoil or rot...
What your kids are learning and lessons... wow.
when can I go off for the weekend with my friend again??????

Nikki said...

What an encouragement to truly seek to live out the Gospel!!! Your lives are so challenging to me, and I am so thankful for you! We Love You Guys, and I love reading about all that God is doing in you and through you!