Saturday, September 12, 2009

Group 2 and yesterday's events

My mom calls these two, "Group 2"!  They are 21 months apart, just like Bryce and Ethan are.  I kinda think they will get along a little better than Group 1.  I enjoy my mornings with them and laugh when I remember the days with Group 1 at this age.  Bryan was in seminary and it was just so new to me to have 2 children.  They are so sweet and even though Levi is into EVERYTHING, he is so funny and really does love his baby brother.  
Yesterday, I offered to keep my friend Paula's 4 kids while she went to the consignment sale alone.... anyone hear the scary music in the background???  hahaha!  Her boys are 7, 6, and 4 and a sweet little 4 month old girl.  It was CrAZY!!!  8 children.  wow.  I think it confirmed that Benjamin is the LAST Kelly :)  I couldn't have done it if  Brittany (our roommate) and a teen girl hadn't been here to help.  I am not kidding about the following events:
1.  AC (baby girl) woke up as soon as her mom left and swore she had been abducted by aliens and refused to stop screaming.
2.  Levi fell off the deck in the back and was showing signs of a mild concussion.  (he is fine now)
3.  The 2 oldest boys hit each other and BOTH noses started to bleed.
4.  Bryce jumped off something and hurt his foot - we thought it was broken, but it's not.
5.  BK called to tell me that someone had backed into his truck in the Regions parking lot, and could I bring the camera.  Obviously I could not!
6.  The only reason Ethan didn't make this list is because he was in his room ALL DAY for some bad behavior at school!

Amazingly, all survived and we even enjoyed a taco salad dinner together when Paula got back.  
The crazy thing is, I am sure I will offer to do it again. :)

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The McNeill Family said...

Group 2 is adorable. Funny how fun it is to just have 2 once you have four, isn't it? Sounds like 4 is pretty easy after 8, too!

These Three Kings said...


Shelley said...

i am sure you will offer to keep them again. i am sure AC thought she was abducted by aliens when she looked at all the craziness around her. i guess that list is rather minor with 7 boys under 7 in the house! geez louise!

nick, robyn and taylor said...

Wow! That's absolute craziness! You're such a servant. I'm glad to hear that everyone is fine!