Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eternal Perspective

BK sent me a text on Friday asking me if 3 little boys could spend the night that night... As usual it was a test of my spirit... and I pretty much failed.
I said yes, but really struggled with a bad attitude - just not wanting the extra work. The boys came and they were wonderful - so cute (they loved all of Ethan's costumes), and very well behaved.
I asked for prayer from Antoinette, and she was so great at speaking truth to me that has come up again and again all week in my heart. She reminded me that the Lord had ordained for those boys to come over and I could not know the eternal benefits that He could have planned just because of their time here. I had a quiet time on Saturday morning (the boys were all up at 6:15 am!), and the Lord really strengthened me and renewed my eternal perspective. Over the 7 bowls of cereal later that morning, I was truly thankful.
Later that week, as I was praying, I realized that really believing that God is weaving a beautiful story at ALL times gives ME purpose as well. I began praying that God would raise up my sons, my godson, and the children in our lives to be the next-generation leaders in His kingdom. I pray that I would be a faithful parent, wife and minister so that His story will be filled with people who stand for Christ because I truly loved the Lord and made Him known to them.

Finally - a picture of Demetrius Jamal Reynolds!

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black tag diaries said...

great post delta... and great reminder that He truly is weaving a beautiful story into our own lives at ALL times... thank you for sharing. ~julia

These Three Kings said...

YAYY for redemption and a RENEWED mind!! Love how Toni was there to remind you of TRUTH!

Sarah said...

I had not checked your blog in 100 years and I just caught up on everything.

LOVE it!

LOVE you!

wish we were still in the Panera parking lot......