Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fixing my eyes

Sometimes things seem hopeless.
There was a HUGE Easter party in our neighborhood park on Sunday, given by our "famous" local drug dealer. People come from all over the city, bringing their kids.
We drove past on our way home from my parents house and were amazed at the number of people! About ten minutes after getting home, we heard gunshots and saw people running down the street, toward our house. Somebody had fired shots into the crowd. For the next hour or so rumors flew. The final story is that 2 people were hit, but did not suffer life threatening injuries. (Thank you, Lord!)
Bk walked down there in the midst of it all to see if the people involved were any of "our" people :) I really do experience the peace of Christ in these situations, knowing that God and his angels are with Bk when he needs to do things like this.
I kept our kids inside, started the bedtime routine, and felt myself begin to feel overwhelmed. I take that feeling and transfer it to my parenting/ home, when in reality I believe it's a desire to control this community and protect it from evil.
But that's Gods responsibility.
HE IS here, and at work, and I need to trust Him and his timing.
But I also need to pray more. To fight this battle on a spiritual level. Fighting against the powers of darkness as I seek the Lord and His reign over this neighborhood.
I have tried to remember to FOCUS my thoughts on Jesus, eternity, souls of people and the sovereignty of God. This is a challenge for me, because apparently my thoughts are focused on cleaning my house, changing a paint color, yard-work, kids disobedience and disrespect, etc etc etc. As I take the initiative to refocus, I am experiencing grace.
Please pray for me! I want to truly experience victory in this!

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Amy said...

Praying for you!! I have thought about you and BK so much the last month. As we prepare to move into this new phase of our life in this city that desperately needs Jesus. They don't have the same struggles and strongholds that your community has but they are still struggles and strongholds that will need to be broken by the Lord alone. The Lord had already put you on my heart even before you wrote this. I am praying!!

jessica said...

Hey Delta! Praying for you and BK and the fam. We think of y'all often and will have to come and catch up with y'all again soon!
-Jessica M.

Claire Bintz said...

Oh, I love you so much and do pray and will pray for you and your family. What a mighty God we serve who sends you there and protects you. The LOVE you know of God because of that ministry is such a blessing and ministry to the rest of us! Lots of hugs!!!