Friday, September 6, 2013

This week's favorites

Favorite K-love song during carpool :

All of who You are reaches the darkest parts
Lifting the weight and erasing the scars that had a hold on me
Here I am bearing all, tearing down every wall
So amazed by Your grace and the way You're still holding me

My God, You are the unchanging love
My God, Your heart sends hope from above
The great Creator, beautiful Savior
I've been redeemed
There is life now from Your victory
You are my God
You are my God
"My God" - Jeremy Camp

Real life quote of the week:
" I don't care what {insert famous pastor} says! Ask Jesus what HE has to say!" - my counselor :) 

Real life KID quote of the week:
Ben : (while searching Netflix for a movie ) "😟 Is trouble gonna come? Cause I hate trouble! " (worried about scary parts in movies like the fox and the hound!!)

Favorite pics of the week 
Levi with "piggy nose " at the dentist 

My view for Labor Day
Cousins in the mountains 

Prayer breakfast and seeing the "baby" I used to babysit - now an amazing and godly young woman

And finally, if you scroll below, I finally finished my "Living Blind" post :) 

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