Monday, November 12, 2007

We have Survived!

One of my friends e-mailed me and rebuked me for not letting all my "readers" know that we are alive and well! (thanks, toni!) Well, not only are we alive and well - we LOVE our new neighborhood! It has literally been non-stop for the past week and I have been amazingly calm thru it all. I know that the peace that passes all understanding has truly gaurded my heart and mind because of so many prayers for me. I can't go any further without saying that 2 of the teenagers we have spent so much time with over the last few months just prayed to receive Christ this past weekend!!! The stories are amazing and I will have to ask BK if I can share them on this blog. Please pray for these guys - we all know how hard it is to walk with Jesus and they are just beginning!
My house is amazing - I am still waiting on curtains, and some paint and a few odds and ends, but it is mostly all done. I am waiting to put a picture until the grass is in the yard (right now there is just 2 truck loads of dirt spread evenly across the whole thing!) Also, things are STILL not all put away.
This past weekend there were at least 7 kids in my home at any given time (many times exceeding that number) and they were all so precious. I seriously could tell story after story and we have only been here one week. One thing I thought was intresting happened yesterday while I was visiting with a neighbor from across the street. She said that it is very uncommon for these kids to be asked inside a neighbors home - they mostly just stick to the streets. I know we will have to set up boundaries so we don't burn out, but having these kids in our home provides SO much opportunity to show them the love of Jesus. I must say that when I prayed for Boys 7 years ago, I never thought I would have 3 of my own and then at least 10 from my neighborhood. May the Lord establish these men in righteousness and give them many years to transform this neighborhood! I could write all night, but I am exhausted.


MaryMartha said...

Thats so exciting Delta! Thanks for the update :)

Melissa said...

Yeah! I've been waiting to hear how you're doing and am so thankful it's all going well! Praise the Lord for his faithfulness!
Ya'll's story is so similar to ours and you are a great encouragement to me!

Sarah Bruner said...

Praise the Lord, delt!!!!

I am so excited to hear of God's work in your lives. It brings tears to my eyes that I don't get to see you on a daily basis, but the work you are doing in AL is so precious.

I love you so much!

Milly said...

Well said.