Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home for Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas! It was the first one spent in our own home, with no traveling. It was very simple and enjoyable. We did some fun things that may turn into traditions - making cookies for santa, eating lots of appetizer type foods (i love rotel, giant pretzels, spinach dip, you get the idea!) reading the story of the birth of Jesus, watching Christmas movies together, and a pancake breakfast. The only thing we did that I hope is NOT a tradition is Christmas dinner at, get this, SHONEY'S!!! Bryan threatened that he could see us there for the next 40 years.... I sure hope not. The only other options were Waffle House (a Catching family favorite i must admit!) or a Korean resturant with Broiled Eel on the menu. SO we did have fun and I am so glad that we had celebrated Christmas with my parents when my sister, Claire, was visiting earlier in the month. I was able to really focus on the true meaning of Christmas since the stress level was WAY down compared to other years. The Christmas Store the week before was a good way to take the focus off of "what I want for Christmas" to making sure kids in our neighborhood actually had few gifts under their tree. I am so thankful for the Lord's hand on our lives and in this neighborhood.

Christmas morning JOY!
Merry Chrismas, Levi!

And to all, a good night!

The Christmas store was PACKED with donated, brand-new toys!
Sorry, guys, I had to post this pic!

Claire's visit was so much fun~ we visited a house with Crazy christmas decor!
Bryce's kindergarden class sang at church one sunday - they were adorable! This pic is missing 2 of the girls.
Christmas cookies! Bryce said "I better not catch either of you (mom and dad) taking a bite out of the ones for Santa"
The Christmas loot - thanks grandparents!
A definate favorite - Power Ranger masks and watches - Ethan has literally worn this costume EVERYDAY for a week.

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Laura said...

Love the Christmas pics. Especially the ones where the boys are dressed up like power rangers and BK is holding Levi dressed up as a doctor! HAHAHA! Shoney's yum...

Melissa said...

LOVE these pictures! Wish we lived next door! Your Christmas Store looked amazing! This year, we broke our tradition of Christmas Eve dinner at Taco Cabana. Sadie was sick so while everyone went to a Christmas Eve party, I stayed home with her and watched Ratatouille and ate Tostinos pizza. :)

Melissa said...

Hey! Here is my email! I'd love to chat.

Rachel Garcia said...

Delta.. I visit your blog because I know your husband from a Beach Project.. then I was talking to my sister and she knows you.. her name is Mishka Cole. Anyway.. small world. You have an adorable family.

Laura said...

I will try to get more extended family pics up, just for you!