Saturday, December 22, 2007

Levi is 5 months old!

I really can't believe how fast time flies. here are some pics from today just to show how much he is growing.
CGM did a Christmas Store this past week that really blessed many people in the neighborhood. As soon as I get the camera back from Kevin, I will write a blog about it and post pictures.
We are not traveling for the holidays, so maybe i'll actually have time to blog!

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Brian and Ella said...

delta, i am so excited you have a blog!!! (i found it on nicole's). now it will be easier to keep up with's not like we live in the same city though! :) Levi is so precious!! wow...time is flying! merry christmas!!

Melissa said...

Merry Christmas sweet bloggy friend!

Wonderful World said...

Aw, I miss you! Merry Christmas!!!