Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Invasion of the Fruit Flies

Why me??? I think I need to read the story of the Plagues in the bible again. Right now, as I type, there are at least 3 or 4 fruit flies swarming around my head. Apparently while we were gone there were at least two flies who took the opportunity to breed a whole colony in one of my household plants. So looked up "How to get rid of fruit flies" and I was surprised by so many answers. The only solution I had the supplies for was to get out some bowls, pour in some sweet wine and then add a drop of liquid dish detergent. As my mom said - what a waste of good wine!!!! Well, it has worked for most of them - and yes, I do mean that there were probably at least a hundred, but they are not all falling for it. HELP!! And here is how I know I am probably supposed to be learning something from this: Last year in one of our old houses, we had an invasion of those GIANT flies - you know the ones that fly real slow and look like they could eat a small dog. Oh wait, do I also need to mention the mouse/rat problem of '07? Anyone with some wisdom on the plagues sent to me???

All advice would be appreciated

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Melissa said...

Oh my. Ok, for sure drink the wine and pour the soap in a nice hot bath and have yourself a little calgon moment. And mouse traps. The kind that snap. :)

Lindsey Salter said...

Hey friend! Sorry I don't have much advice for the plagues?! But I agree with the first comment! Love the cruise pics--waiting for more!

Lucy and Jason said...

Delta, I'm so excited to see your blog. I can't not believe you have 3 boys!! They are precious!! On the flies, not sure what to do....but I can relate to the mouse problem, we had an invasion in 2007....thankfully we are in a different house now!! I miss you and am excited about keeping up with you through the blog!! LUCY

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...two active boys, fruit flies, trip to dollar store for 2 plastic fly swatters, 10 cent bounty per fly, debit accounts 10 cents for each smack to should come out about even!

Miss you all terribly but LOVE the blog now that you were kind enough to put in favorites for Gramma! Off to explore what I have been missing!

Much love from Grandma Tressie

Heather Smith said...

I love your haircut, and I am sorry about the fruit flies too...we had those as well and used those long strips you get at Wal-mart that are sticky, and it was SICK. how are you???