Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random things in my Living room part 1

If any of you know me and my husband, you know that we are opposite in oh so many ways!  The one I want to focus on here is how I LOVE being organized, while he could care less about when things get put away.  I have decided to start taking pictures of all the random things that end up in my Living Room (and stay there until I move them!)  mostly just because I think it's really funny.  So here is the First edition of "Random Things in My Living Room".  I am still deciding on if i want to explain why these things are here!

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Parks Avenue said...

It brings back great memories of living with your husband in college and seeing him bring stuff into our house and his first house. I look forward to seeing new random things.
Scott Parks

Wonderful World said...

"mostly" what are the other reasons. Hummm!