Monday, February 4, 2008

A sad Heart

I have been so sad this week after finding out last Saturday that the husband of my best friend in high school died  suddenly and unexpectedly of meningitis . We were in each-other's weddings, and I wish I had a picture of us from high school to post here - we had such good times together.  I was able to go to the visitation and was amazed by my friend's strength and spirit.  I should have remembered,  she has always been that way.

I felt like my heart was leaping out of my chest when I first walked in the church.  I knew she was there, and there was absolutely nothing i could do to help her.  I felt 20 lbs lighter after finally giving her a hug, but I won't even pretend to think that my hug helped her feel any better.  I promised her I would be here for her, just to listen and offer a shoulder to cry on, whenever she wanted...  Lord, help me be a faithful friend.  

If you read this, please say a prayer for her and her 2  1/2 year old son.   Her husband died at such a young age, and they have a long road ahead of them without him.  Pray that her church will really step up to care for her when she returns home, and that she will listen as the Lord leads her in the next few months as she has to make difficult decisions.  

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Lindsey said...

i'm continuing to pray for her. keep me posted.

Kristin said...

i'm praying, too.