Monday, May 26, 2008

Quotes from our hood this week

Please know that while these quotes ARE funny, they are also very serious! Please take some time to pray for people who don't know Jesus,the poor and also for racial reconcilation and what the Lord wants YOU to do about these serious areas of our lives!

After coming back from Wal-Mart, a little girl ran in the kitchen and said:

"oooh! yall musta got yo food stamps today!!"

On the front porch, "K" looked at Levi and said:

"Levi must have his contacts in today - his eyes so blue!"

A little boy ran up to BK very concerned:

"One of those boys playing basketball said that you were White!"

"Do you think I'm white?"

"No - you Brown!

Then he ran off

As I was walking back to my house from across the street, a car slowly pulled up, rolled down his window and the guy said:

"Yall runnin a daycare here?"

There were at least 10 kids in and out of my front door that day - and it really did look like one!

Finally, this conversation took place with a 6 year old little girl, again on my front porch:

K: “You are light-skinned, right? I mean you aren’t white, right?”
Delta: “Actually, we are white.”
K: “You are? I thought you’d be offended because people keep telling me you are white, but I was telling them you are light-skinned.”
Delta: “Well, I am not offended! Cause we are white! (K crinkles her nose) What does “white” mean to you?”
K: “All white people hate black people. White people are rich. White people get whatever they want. Is your dad (talking about BK) rich?”
Delta: (trying not to laugh at the fact that she thinks BK is my dad!) “First of all, ALL white people don’t hate black people. We are white and we don’t hate black people. Do you know who made you?”
K: “God?”
Delta: “That’s right! And because God made ALL of us in His image, we are ALL equally special and wonderful. We all, no matter what our skin color, are a reflection of God!”
“And second of all, my HUSBAND is not ‘rich’!” ( But we are very blessed, and if I had to be honest, we get almost everything we want.)

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MaryMartha said...

thats just sooo sad that that little one thinks all white people hate black people. Wish I was there to come play!

These Three Kings said...

food stamps?? clearly I kno who that was.. on my way down there.. lol

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

wow...what an impact ya'll are having there in that neighborhood!! praise God for those conversations, even though they are a little humerous...God is using ya'll in many ways!!

Melissa said...

Oh sweet friend! I love these honest conversations that give us insight into the great racial and economical gaps we can be blind to. I love the conversation at the end. Everyone thought we were hispanic when we moved in. I guess it was Trey's red hair and blue eyes or my two blond children that made them think that. :)
Love you!
Thank you for being a beautiful vessel of his amazing grace.

Jennifer said...

I just found your blog, and I think what you are doing is amazing!
I love that these kids are getting to know you, and that you have the opportunity to love them and introduce them to Christ.

Amy said...

i am still laughing that she thought BK was your dad!!!How did he take it?

The Kelly Family said...

BK thinks it's really funny that people think he's my dad - it doesn't bother him and bit and I must say he likes the fact that I still look so "young" - go figure!!

The Hodges Family said...

Wow! I am so amazed at what God is doing through you all. It's making me more excited to see what God will do through our family when we start ministering in the urban community! Wow!


nick, robyn and taylor said...

Oh Delta, I cried when I read the last story. How precious that God is using y'all in such a mighty way. If you weren't impacting the kingdom so much I'd ask you to move down here and disciple me again. I'm not kidding...really I'm not.

annieck said...

What an AWESOME post!!! So funny!
That last story really touched my heart. What an honest and sincere converstation. I think it is amazing how you turned it around and shared God's love.
You are changing your community!!! I am AMAZED at all God is doing through you and your beautiful family. And I'm with Robyn...I NEED your discipleship!

nick, robyn and taylor said...

P.S. Tell your "dad" we said hi :)

Kristin said...

that was such a good post. thanks for sharing all of those little conversations... God is truly building bridges with you, BK, and your little "light-skinned" boys...! so exciting! and touching! and encouraging!

we love y'all.

Sarah Bruner said...

this is so neat, Delta!!!

thanks for are the best...

nan said...

Hey Delta,
I dont know if you will get this I know this is an old post. But it really touched me and I am crying and laughing at the same time. I am so encouraged and challenged by the two of you! Tell your dad my dad said hello!