Sunday, September 7, 2008

My baby's first time in the news!

We had a wonderful day this past Saturday when a local church put on a fun even in the park in our neighborhood.  They provided a bounce house, snow-cones, hotdogs, cookies, drinks, and serving spirits. A separate group also helped with clearing a lot we plan on renovating for the ministry. 

All my boys had a great time, and even Levi is old enough to know a party when he sees one! The photographer loved him,  and this online article featured a sweet picture of him. There were even more on a slide show!  The link for that is right below the picture in the article. Ethan and Kaiya are also in the slideshow:)

I am so thankful for the city-wide effort that the Lord is beginning to start here in my 'hood.  There are so many people in this city who love God and want all people to know Him and love Him as well.  I believe so strongly that the Lord has called and blessed my husband and Kevin in an amazing way.... as Nicole would say:  "Look at the Lord!"  He continues to do SO much that we don't deserve.  He truly is concerned for this part of the city.

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Amy said...

the first picture is awesome!!!!

Shaunta' said...

what a cute pic of little levi! so sweet!

These Three Kings said...

yes!! LOOK AT HIM!!!! I am so thankful for HIM reminding us this ministry is HIS, not our..the LORD owns Crossroads...I mean Common Ground! LOL

see ya tomorrow

you see the time.. I am up again with this sinus infection..yuck!