Sunday, August 31, 2008

My boys, my heart

This is another picture from Natalie.  I absolutely love it.  I think I will be buying this camera! Don't worry, i know that I won't get pictures like this just because I have the camera, but maybe I can learn.

Bryce is 6 and loves First grade.  He is still adjusting to sitting down a lot more than he had to in Kindergarden, but his grades are good and he seems to be making friends.  He has typical boy humor and a compassionate heart, but is generally kind of a serious kid.  He is out by 12:30 everyday and I actually really like it.  We are all home everyday by 1:00, which means some down time before all the neighborhood kids get home from school, and it also means I don't have to interrupt Levi's afternoon nap to do a school pick-up.  

Ethan will start his pre-K class on Tuesday and he will go M-TH from 9-1.  He had a blast at his Open House this past week and is looking forward to school starting back up again.  His personality is definitely  "Life is FUN all the time" and I love watching him go through his days. 

Levi is changing each day.  He is walking all over the place and into EVERYthing!  I just looked down the hallway and I see him eating an oatmeal bar he just found in a cabinet... don't ask why there was an open bar in the cabinet... I am pretty sure it's Ethan's fault.  :)

I promise to do a ministry update soon - thank you for your prayers for our family and all these precious people the Lord has brought into our lives.

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Shaunta' said...

Wow, what a great pic! I'll have to make an appointment with your photographer! Being a mommy is wonderful. What a great joy the Lord has given us in our children.

Amy said...

Love the picture of your boys!

bonniec said...

Always love to see pics of my boys, and I am truly thankful that you can enjoy them much of the time...and we can pray and trust our great God for those "other" times! Mom

Wonderful World said...

ok, what is the name of that camera? Wow!! Seriously...I need to know what to put on my prayer list. LOL

Amy said...

that picture is amazing delta. I love it!!!

Michael and Jennifer Werneth said...

beautiful picture, delta! i went to tsu with bk and have loved seeing your family on your blog! you have such a sweet heart!

Kristin said...

LOVE that picture. And the one of Ethan below. Thanks for updating us on what they are doing these days... Wish I got to see them up close in "real life" sometimes... Until then, this will have to be good enough! They are adorable, Delta. I know there's never a dull moment with the three of them!