Saturday, April 18, 2009

Benjamin Lee Kelly

He's Here!

Our 4th boy arrived on Easter evening, as many predicted he would!
He is a great combo of so many features of his parents and his brothers.

The labor and delivery was so fast and easy (of course there was some pain involved!) but absolutely NO complications - I am so very thankful!

I don't have any hospital pictures of my own to publish today (a friend took them for me on her camera), but I will post a few once I have them. So here he is, 5 days old:

Benjamin Lee Kelly
April 12, 2009
8:10 p.m.
7lbs  14 oz
20 in.

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Jennifer said...

congratulations delta! he is precious and SO alert in these pictures!

These Three Kings said...

there he is!!! I wondering when the pics would come!

The LORD has great plans for your family! :0 Remember that!

Amy said...

He's beautiful!!! Can't wait to meet him.

April Brown said...

Congratulations!!! He's beautiful...he looks like a Kelly! :)

Merrill said...

Congrats Delta! My boy seems rather comfy inside, due date is Tuesday.

Parks Avenue said...

He's beautiful Delta! Congrats on boy #4!

Lindsey said...

he does remind me a lot of bryce. he is beautiful! so glad to talk to you tonight. love you and praying for you (and levi!). **love the bouncy seat. where did you get it? i sold mine so i need another one.

The McNeill Family said...

Congratulations, Delta! He's a beautiful boy!

Melissa said...

Welcome to the world sweet boy!!! He is beautiful and so blessed!

dev said...

He's beautiful!! And he and Stella Kate share a birthday! Love to you and the fam!

Amy said...

Congratulations on another healthy little precious.