Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prayer requests

It is very common in neighborhoods like mine for there to be homes with no electricity or water. I must confess that knowing that precious friends and their children are going without these basic things is VERY hard for me.  

There are 4 children coming to my house tonight to bathe.  

How did water become unaffordable?  

I am sure there are many answers to that question. But regardless of your opinion, please pray for me that I will know how to help in these very difficult situations. I need wisdom and creative ideas!  

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Melissa said...

Praying for your friends and for you. It is hard to believe in our country this still happens but it does and you're smack in the middle. Thank you for serving the way you do. It's an example to us all.

Amy said...

I will pray but I would also like to brainstorm with you if you are up for it. Love you friend!!!

Carrie said...

It is so hard to really realize that people are living in those kinds of conditions right here in our area. I really admire what your family is doing and how you are following God's call on your lives. I will be praying for you, BK, and the boys as you minister to the people in your area.