Friday, July 25, 2008

He gives VISION to the BLIND!

I am so happy right now, I can hardly stand it!

I just returned from my post-op visit and my eyes are healing wonderfully and I have 20/15 vision.

The surgery went so very well. The only time I was really nervous was a point that they put a suction on my eye and that eye goes completely blind.... I just prayed and prayed that I would see again! It only lasted a few seconds, but seemed like an eternity. Other than that, it was amazing. My doctor was so reassuring the whole time and each eye was under the laser for less than a minute. I really do see this as a modern day miracle.

I have SO many things to post, but just wanted to thank the Lord publically for such a wonderful outcome and for providing this special treat for me. Jesus, thank you for the amazing blessings you give that I clearly don't deserve. I feel so loved by your tender care of me.

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These Three Kings said...

"oooooooo who's that fine thang without the out now Jessica Simpson"!!! LOL!!!
so excited for you!! what a day! thank you for allowing me to witness it all!! You are the best "hood boo" ever! HA! did you know that's my name for you now

get it girl!! :)

Wonderful World said...


These Three Kings said...

LOL-at antoinette..oh , toni...such drama

Kristin said...

so glad it went perfectly!