Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pictures Galore!

Praise the Lord - I found my camera! So in celebration, here are some pics that were on the camera!!

Sweet Brothers! This was taken at my Grandma's house during my cousin's wedding in May.
Backyard fun - playing in a mud puddle!
Just a word - if you aren't having a date night with your spouse - start this week! It has been so wonderful for us! Thank you, Nic and Kev!
Just wanted you to see a "before" pic of my house (when it's clean)in the mornings. See the next pic for 5 pm on a Friday afternoon!Don't you just love a full house!! I wish the picture of the tile floor had been more clear so you could see it,....
And now, just some favorite pics of the boys fishin in the mountains:

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Brian and Ella said...

great pictures, delta!! i loved the mud faces, and the sweet one of all three of them together. (that is such a rarity for us)! and i love your nice open kitchen!!!

i had so much fun spending time with you all tuesday night. what a nice break and great time of fellowship!

Amy said...

ok so you and I need to talk about 2 things very soon!!!!!!!!
1. how are you handling all the fighting? Makes me insane.
2. still up for the organizing. considering doing this as a bus in the spring and I need practice (for you sweet friend it would be free of course)
Talk soon before I pull all of my hair out.

The Hodges Family said...

Thanks for sharing. I love being able to add pic to my posts. Thanks for sharing.

Question: Where did you get your template? I wanted to change mines.


Amy said...

sweet friend it was great to get to see you yesterday. We really should plan a get together soon!!! I forgot how much I missed our nights together when Brian would keep Bryce and just you,me and the babies would hang out at my tiny place while John was at school - ages ago.
Love you

Wonderful World said...

What!!!!!! YOu have new bookcase/shelves in the dining room. They look great!! It's been toooooo long. We're going to Daytona this week when we get back we have to come see you all!!! Love ya!! Glad you found your camera.

Kristin said...

What great pictures!