Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to Reality

We are safely home!  

I really do like being here, but considering that we rolled in last night at 2 am and Bryce had his first day of 1st Grade... I am a little pooped.

I am trying out the slideshow feature at the top of my blog, but it is really small.  I am using Picasa, so if you just click on the slide show, you can view them on their website where they are bigger. 

I sure did have a fun summer, and kind of hate that it's over.  But I REALLY love the Fall... so part of me is excited.  

Please continue to pray for all the relationships that were deepened through all the Bible Studies and hang-out time.  Pray as Nicole and I talk through the next steps and as the Lord continues to surprise us with His agenda!  Two of our girls in the study are having babies this month, so keep them in your prayers as well.

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Amy said...

so are you still going red for the fall? :)

The McNeill Family said...

I came upon your blog through Kim's blogsite and just wanted to say hello. It's been fun to see what all has been going on with your family. This boys are adorable. Glad you had a fun vacation. Jenny (Parker) McNeill

Melissa said...

Glad your trip was great and you're back! Can't wait to hear about the first day of school for the little man!