Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Reality of Life with Boys

I've read a few posts lately where people feel that they may be posting "too much information", so I thought I would join the crowd... for the sake of remembering all the hilarious things that go on in my house each day.

This particular story is about Ethan:

The latest "thing" at my house, is that several of our neighbor boys have taught Bryce how to do the "underarm poot" - you know, the thing where you put your hand under your armpit and pump your arm thus producing a noise that makes everyone laugh.  It took Bryce a while to get it, but now he is a professional.  Just what I wanted in my house.  

Well, it wasn't long before I saw Ethan attempting to learn the same trick.  Then one day, I heard it.  He was SO proud.  He would pump his little arm, and out would come THE NOISE.  Then I happened to notice that THE NOISE was a little bit delayed... the arm would stop pumping and out would come a little....pfft.  

"ETHAN!!!  Are you REALLY pooting????"  

"NO mommy!"  

"Are you sure? "

Turns out, Ethan is able to pass gas, for real, on demand.  Just what I wanted in my house.

"Ethan, How are you able to have that much gas???"

"Cause God made me that way!"

enough said.

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Amy said...

love it!!!! Isn't it amazing how the words poopoo, fart head and the likes are soooooo amusing to boys. You can just say the word and it evokes deep belly laughs from them. Boys will be boys!!!!

Shaunta' said...

k, that was a bit much on the informative side! but, hey, thx for being transparent!!! gotta love it.

Brian and Ella said...

i feel like such a foreigner in my own home sometimes!! we are so outnumbered, delta!! :)

Rachael said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! Unfortunately, my son has the same "talent". LOL!