Friday, March 28, 2008

Catching the Vision

Every holiday, we all get a card from my grandmother with $5 per kid and $10 per adult - It has been this way for so many years and now my kids look forward to the cards just like i do!!  This past Easter was no exception.  Bryce was so excited, I could see the wheels of his mind turning as he asked this question: 

"Mom, is everything at the Dollar Store $1?"  
"Yes, Bryce, i think so."
"So that means I can get FIVE new toys?!!  When can we go? Can we go today?"
"No, we can't go today, but maybe we can go soon."

Well, it is missions week at our church and Bryce really didn't want to go tonight, but he ended up having a really wonderful time and his whole attitude was so different tonight after we got home.  I wish you could hear his voice when he is really considering how to help people- he has such a compassionate heart... but this is what he said when he came home:

"Mom, is there any way I can give my $5 to the Ministry?"

"What ministry,Bryce?"

"Our ministry - you know, to people who don't have a lot."

"Oh, I am SURE you can!  I love it that you want to do that!  But I thought you wanted to spend that money at the Dollar Store?"


"well, the Dollar Store is just going to have to wait!"

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Lindsey said...

that is too sweet! i know that had to be so encouraging for you. i'm sure the Lord has great things in store for that little man! thanks for sharing...

annieck said...

That is SO awesome! What a wonderful testament of the great example you guys have been in his life. I know you are so proud of your little man!

Melissa said...

That is really sweet! It reminds me of when my son asked why there aren't watermelon patches all over dallas for the homeless people. When I asked him why watermelons, he said they were the biggest fruit! Love that!