Tuesday, March 4, 2008

For Aunt Sarah

Ahhhh, a few moments this afternoon were spent with just me and Levi!! Bryan took Bryce to baseball practice and then a game, and my Mom took E to get his hair cut (sob, sob! - well not really, though I will miss the curls!)

So, I got to FINALLY talk to my dearest friend, Sarah, and then Levi actually got a much needed bath - something that is a rare occurance I embarrassingly admit, and then it was time for the photo shoot. Sarah gave him this towel, so I lovingly dedicated this post to "Aunt Sarah"!

Oh yeah, he is finally sitting up really well on his own. All in his own timing, of course.

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Lindsey said...

cute, cute! it's so weird to me because Levi looks like Bryce and Ethan combined?! but it's like i expect him to look like one or the other. i guess this is his own "look". he's adorable!

Sarah Bruner said...

Soooooooooo cute! Thanks for the shout out, Delta!!!!

I love talking to you and catching up, and I love to see the towel in use!!!

I miss my boys......

Laura said...

I do love Sarah Bruner, (hey Sarah & Stephen)and I am sure Bryce, Ethan and Levi would LOVE to see a post on their most favorite non-bio "Aun-T." hahaha