Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bryce!

I can't believe our oldest is 6 years old! Bryce is so precious to us and I am so thankful for his sweet life.

He is so artistic - even asking me recently when he would be old enough to teach an art class!! He has such a compassionate heart, always concerned for the hurting and wanting to share whatever he has with people who don't have any.

Now I must admit, he is SO silly and really into the potty humor (no big surprise!).
His birthday party this year was at our local Skate Rink - and it was a BLAST!!!

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Claire and Jason Bintz said...

Looks like that was a wonderful birthday party! I hate missing these things..Bryce's b'day present is en route. Love you guys! Love the pictures!

Laura said...

We are finally back home after it took forever to get our new roof. I just got your message. I will call you tommorrow. we love and miss you guys. Happy birthday Bryce. We love you.

Melissa said...

Happy birthday sweet boy! How fun!