Saturday, March 1, 2008

Last night...

We had a "providentially hindered" day yesterday, as Nicole puts it... in fact she and I were fighting yesterday about who would actually write about the events of the day and who would get to put a "click here

Well, guess who won???

Please read her entry using the above link and pray that we will both be diligent in following up with the people we met yesterday, both in prayer and in deed.  This was truly part of what I believe will be ways that I am going to be "seeing God" over the years to come.  

Oh and by the way, this is what we looked like all evening at the hospital:
lets just say it was a good lesson about getting ready in the morning!!!!!!!

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THESE 3 KINGS said...

DELTA!!!!!!!!! ROTF!!!!! I cannot believe that you posted those pics!!! AGHHHH!!!!

you are too funny!!! I cant stop laughing!!! on my way down there
i love glad that we are in this have become one of my BEST friends! Looking forward to all that the LORD will bring our way

Claire and Jason Bintz said...

What a powerful story! Jason and I will pray that you and Nicole will know how to follow through with this family! What a clear story of God's providence! I love you.

Lindsey said...

that is crazy! what a story. glad you and nicole were there. hoping you are all doing wonderfully! love you.

Melissa said...

Thank you for being available. Thank you for showing up each day to see what the Lord has for you and I'll pray that doors will fly open for you and this sweet girl.

Amy said...

what an amazing story. First of all where were the kids in all this???? I am glad that you handled it so well. Love to catch up soon. John said he and bk were gonna meet to talk about web stuff so lets try to plan to get together with them....amy