Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Family Update

I know, I know! It has been forever since I have posted... I wish I could blame it on something crazy, but really it's mostly because I have been going to sleep at about 9 every night. I thought I would just give a quick update on how we are and throw in a few bits about the ministry as well - we shall see how this goes:)

Bryan is SUPER busy these days. He has tons of speaking engagements and lots of things "in the works" as far as ministry goes. There is some REALLY cool stuff going on that I can't wait to share, when the time is right. So many people have given space heaters and blankets to aid the families in our neighborhood through this winter - it has been such a blessing for me to see all the generosity of the Church when they spring into action! He and Kevin are busy with preparations for the Christmas store again this year - here is a pic from last year, followed by the middle school boys bible study:

This store is also supported by the generosity of the Church - and was a huge success last year. Parents and grandparents get to buy brand new gifts at reduced rates and give them to their children THEMSELVES!!! The tutoring program is going great- please pray for these children to be able to excel in their studies as a result of this effort. I really do believe that education is a HUGE step to breaking SO many destructive cycles that we see in our neighborhood.

I am still involved in helping Nicole with a teen girl's bible study that averages about 8 -10 girls each week. Nicole does an amazing job preparing the lesson for each week and then hosting it in her home. We have had several amazing people bring us dinner to serve the girls, and I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing that has been! Since the girls are all hanging out starting at about 3 pm on bible study day, it can be a bit challenging to get everything done. But truly God is blessing these girls in SO many ways. Please see this blog entry that Nicole wrote recently and be greatly encouraged. There is even a cute picture of all the girls on our day trip to Birmingham.
Personally, I am into the "honeymoon phase" of this pregnancy - the second trimester - you know, the time where you aren't sick, have a lot more energy, and eat every hour! We will be finding out who this baby is on December 2ND, so you can be sure there will be a post about that! I must say that I am getting excited more and more each day!

I am doing a wonderful bible study on "contentment"that I hope to be sharing quotes from soon - it has been a HUGE help to me the past few weeks.

All the boys are doing great!

Bryce just finished his first season of football. He did a great job and seemed to enjoy all the hitting and blocking!
Ethan is about to be 5!!! I really can't stand that! He is doing really well in his PreK-4 class and is finally learning all his letters. I seriously wondered if they would ever stick in his little brain. He is really loving and thoughtful and ALL BOY!
Levi is 15 months old and HILARIOUS!! He keeps us laughing with his open mouth grin and all his attempts at communication with us.

And I will leave you today with this:

Way before celebrating our one-year anniversary in this home, our brand new doorbell gave out. I wonder how many rings make up the life of a doorbell???

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These Three Kings said...

LOVE THE PICS!! Welcome back to blog world!
wait.. you are back right??

the camera is all yours tomorrow!!

see yaaaaa, wouldnt want to be yaaaaaa!!!
did you ever say that growing up??

Shaunta' said...

ok, ok...i guess i have to go post something on my blog now too! i haven't posted in like 6 weeks (besides a video from john piper...in which case i didn't even write anything...just posted the video)!!
Glad you are feeling better. I have thought of some boy stuff that I would like to borrow. I'll call you today. I might be at Nicole's after I drop Brie off, so I may just come over and ring the bell...i mean KNOCK on the door!

Brian and Ella said...

yea! a new post from delta!!! i'm so glad to hear you are feeling better...miss seeing you!!

i was just thinking about our small group bible study with bekah and missing those days!

i can't wait until dec.2nd to find out what you're having! (since we didn't, i at least can be excited with a friend finding out!!!)

Lindsey said...

nice pictures. i am still amazed that you have an almost 7 year old and a 5 year old?! hope today went well. steven says ya'll got it in the bag or they wouldn't waste time and $$ filming...