Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

That's right people! We had a "sneak peek" ultrasound today and I am proud to announce that we only make one gender!!! In April, we will be "that family" with all the boys! Wow. It feels funny to even type this. I will have to share my story soon about how I prayed for boys - even before I was engaged! I am so thankful that everything appears to be normal and healthy. Sure do wish I had a picture, but maybe I will have one after my "real" ultrasound on Tuesday of next week!
This is a pic of Levi with Great-Grandmommy's glasses on... the things you do while waiting!
Me and mom in the waiting room..
This was my Grandmommy's FIRST time to ever see an ultrasound!

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annieck said...

What a blessing!!! You are raising tomorrow's leaders. :)
THRILLED for you!

dev said...

Yay for boys!! :) Congrats, honey!!

Amy said...

yeah!!! I was just telling someone your story yesterday - how you prayed for all boys but you didn't yet know what this one was. I am excited for you. I have been thinking about you alot lately. Love to catch up!!!!

Melissa said...

WhooHoo! That's a whole lotta testosterone but you know how boys love their mommas. Congratulations, friend. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lindsey said...

okay, levi looks just like ethan in that picture! and you don't even look pregnant! guess i won't be sharing any of my girl stuff?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing the moment, Sweetie. All we could hear was screaming at first, then laughing! I am so thrilled.

Love from

Grandma Tressie

Laura said...

Yep. I remember you praying that. I just thought that I would have to remind you of it. Funny, you remembered something without me having to tell you. Now, if I could just get someone to remind me of stuff...

Now, back to 1 million and 1 baby names. Remind BK that I name this one. A deal is a deal.

(Evil laugh)

Love ya'll.