Monday, November 17, 2008

My Little Studly man

Ethan was in a wedding this past weekend.  And not just any wedding.... a real "hood" wedding!
So, as Ethan was getting dressed up (you know he LOVES costumes!), he looked at me and said, "This is what a REAL man wears, right mom?"  I must say, I agree:)  He especially loved the shiny shoes!

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MaryMartha said...

awww, so cute! Loved getting to see you sunday!

Bonnie (Nana) said...

Papa and Nana think he is mighty handsome!

Anonymous said...

What a handsome little guy!

Connor Family said...

I must say, He looks very "GQ". He has that "Ethan Allen" look going for him already. If he is going to model, though, he needs some more inches!!! :)

Kristin said...