Thursday, November 27, 2008

Great Ideas

What to do at 9:30 am with that half-a-cup-of-coffee that you forgot about:

Step 1: Fill it to the top with milk
Step 2: Heat it up in your microwave
Step 3: Add a pack of Hot Chocolate

Presto~  you saved yourself $5 at Starbucks and it is DELICIOUS!  


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These Three Kings said...

oooooooo make me one!!!!

you are such a addict!!! ha!

Laura said...

stinkin' yum!!!!

2 funny things from this week:

Item A: had some friends over for dinner, they asked if we had 'heard about this ministry common ground'?, tell us more...

Item B: fussed at ST for losing the zipper on his jacket. "I didn't lose it, mom. You gave it away." Me, "What?!? no I didn't. You threw your jacket down the hall at school and it broke off, granna told me." ST, "It broke off, but, I put it in the bag of halloween candy and you gave it to Bryce and Ethan." Yep. Sure did. Any chance Hector or Keeve found a North Face zipper with their bit o' honey?

(Evil Laugh)